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Your Fish Is My Command is the 44th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series


Flint is fooled into creating a fish-cyborg army by Mayor Shelbourne.


The townspeople have made a habit of tricking Flint into doing their chores for them by asking him to show how science can solve their problems: Flint mows Brent's lawn, cleans Earl's yard, and raising a statue of the Mayor for Gil. The mayor even convinces Flint to create surveillance sardines around the school.

Sam is concerned about the surveillance, so Flint goes to the mayor's office and asks him about the "sardine nature documentary" Shelbourne is supposedly filming. The mayor convinces Flint that sardines have no natural defenses, so Flint equips the sardine sentries with laser blasters.

Principal Shelbourne convinces Flint to add more and more features until he also gives the sardine cyborgs free and independent thought. The cyborgs mutiny against the Mayor and create an army to subjugate everyone in the school. Flint uses his previous inventions from the beginning of the episode to defeat the sardine-cyborg army, but Mayor Shelbourne sees the whole fiasco as a reason to despise science.


  • The title of this episode is a reference to the quote "Your wish is my command."
  • In the Arabic airing of the episode, a scene is censored where Shelbourne spits at the end by removing it.