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Your Dad is My Dad is the 48th episode of Cloudy: The Series Season 2. It is the 100th episode overall.


Flint gets jealous when Tim takes Brent (and a growing group of townsfolk) under his fatherly wing.


Flint is up to something big in his lab. Tim tries to invite Flint to come fishing with him, but Flint declines and reminds his dad that he hates fishing. Sam confront him about it, but Flint didn't realize that his dad meant simply to spend time with him.

Sam and Flint take Flint's new invention (his normal bicycle with an absurdly loud horn) out for a ride, but Brent tries to destroy the bicycle. Sam realizes that Brent never learned to ride a bike, so offers to teach him to ride. Brent can't seem to manage until Tim uses a fishing metaphor and Brent catches on. Tim also teaches Brent to shake hands and play catch. Flint asks why his dad never taught him to play catch, and Tim tells him it's because Flint hates sports.

In the park, Gil is trying to fly a rock as a kite. Tim tells him another fishing metaphor and the rock begins to fly like a kite. Tim also teaches Brent, Gil, Old Rick, and a young boy in town how to tie a tie. Flint becomes jealous that all the townspeople are treating his dad like their dad, and Sam reminds him that he had rejected Tim's offer to go fishing earlier that day.

Flint asks his dad if they could go fishing together, trying to get some quality time with his dad, but Tim invites the whole town. The rest of the townspeople get bored and leave, and Tim tells Flint he's free to leave too. Flint insists he's staying because even though he hates fishing, he likes spending time with his dad.