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Where There's a Gil There's a way is the 45th episode of Cloudy: The Series Season 2. It is the 97th episode overall.


Gil makes improvements to the school after taking over as principal, but things get awkward due to his crush on Sam.


  The episode begins with Principal Shelbourne showing off his greatest achievements in the form of pictures hanging in the school hallways. It then shows Shelbourne and his son next to a large picture covered with curtains, with Shelbourne announcing the next principal of Cannery High. Shelbourne then reveals the next principal by opening the curtains, revealing it to be Shelbourne's pet fish, Bill. Gil, who was excited for it to be him, becomes upset and says to his dad that he thought that he would become principal and not Bill. Shelbourne then laughs at his son, finding the idea ridiculous. Gil tries to explain that he has good ideas such as replacing the books in the classes that are worn out, but Shelbourne still refuses the idea, saying he is not "principal material". He then attempts to find a word to describe how his son would be as principal, which was that his son is "burlap".

  Gil finds it unfair and begs for his dad to make him principal, annoying his dad to the point where he lets him be principal for 10 minutes. Shelbourne gives him three objects, the principal medallion of absolute rule, his feathered pen of ultimate authority, and his underwear of unquestionable in-charginess. Shelbourne then proceeds to announce to the school that he is getting a latte and that Gil will be principal whilst he is gone. Gil celebrates as he is mentioned, but as Shelbourne leaves, he makes a quick unsupportive comment on his son and then leaves. Gil at first sees the portrait of Bill and becomes unconfident with his choice, but he then believes he can truly run the school, only to have a breakdown and cry on the floor. Flint and Sam find him on the floor crying, they ask if he's okay and if the announcement was legitimate. Gil confirms that he is now principal and continues to sob. Sam then comforts him, saying he couldn't be as bad as his father. Gil takes her comfort as crucial advice and a means to fix up the school as principal. Flint and Sam are both baffled at his sudden mood change.

  Meanwhile, after Shelbourne finishes having his latte, he returns to the school having a welcoming message when someone enters the school and moving sidewalks. Gil welcomes his dad and asks if he likes the changes. Shelbourne is shocked that he was able to put a moving sidewalk in 10 minutes. Gil explains that he had the idea for a while, thinking it would help students get to class faster. The students agree as they all use the sidewalks to get to their classes. Shelbourne is displeased. Gil then shows his dad the other things he fixed up. Gil shows how he turned the empty-shelf room into a library with a selection of books to read from. Sam compliments the extensive weather book section of it, in which Gil thanks her in a passionate way. He continues his tour by showing that the colored water in the beakers they used for science is now replaced with real chemicals. The two get off at a small stop with Shelbourne saying the changes are wrong and that students shouldn't be happy. He demands to turn everything back, but the students agree with Gil and that he should stay principal. Shelbourne, not happy with this, urges Gil to give him back the three objects he gave. Gil turns to Sam and asks what he should do. Sam makes a compliment about how he was doing well at running the school, in which Gil once again takes it as deep advice. Gil refuses to give him the objects and decides to stay as principal. Shelbourne lets him be principal, but warns Sam that it'll be on her. She questions what Shelbourne meant by that, and Shelbourne quickly mentions how it'll start strong, then end weird.

  Cutting to Flint and Sam, Sam still questions on what Shelbourne meant by his vague comment. Flint disregards it as nothing and compliments Gil's work on the sidewalks. Sam then notices a large Lady Libery statue with Sam's face on it. Shelbourne appears and tells Sam to enjoy Gil's oppressive devotion. Cut to the cafeteria, Brent and his friends are at the lunch line, expecting some sardine treats, but instead are given kale and bean pilaf in the shape of Sam's face. Gil walks up to them and mentions that the school will be serving Sam's favorite foods from now on. This news causes Brent to run away screaming. Flint and Sam are both eating their meals, with Flint puking his meal out. Sam sees Gil and says that she didn't ask for this. Gil replies saying that he is doing this to pay her back for the "advice" she's given. Shelbourne, watching this unfold, tells Sam the same comment he said earlier of it starting strong and ending weird. He even shows Sam a small demo of a dance to prove he is right. Now at the classroom, Earl begins his art class by having the class sketch him as a shirtless model. Gil interrupts the session by introducing two statues which both have Sam faces on them. Sam questions how he got those made. Gil responds with his getting them from his private collection. He gets a new idea and makes a new school anthem, which is just Sam's name repeated over Here Comes the Bride. Everyone doesn't sing it until Gil threatens to put them in detention, in which everyone reluctantly sings. Shelbourne, with his pet fish and a wedding veil, repeats his comment once again, proving he is right.

  Flint and Sam are now at their lockers. Sam says how her day has been very embarrassing. Flint says it wasn't that bad, but then realizes how bad it's been and refutes his statement. Sam does like what Gil did with the school, but isn't fond of what he is doing with the Sam-related stuff. She is quickly cut off by Gil's announcement. On the screens, Gil mentions how there will be new uniforms for the students to wear. The first outfit is for the males, who will dress up in Gil's attire, while the females dress up in Sam's attire. The moment Sam sees this, she instantly flips out, grabs Flint, and runs to the office to stop the announcement. Meanwhile, Shelbourne is at the hallway of his portraits, complimenting Bill's portrait and talking to Bill as well. Flint and Sam rush to Shelbourne and insists that he comes back to being principal. Shelbourne revels of finally being correct on the situation, he even puts on a little dance and song about being right. Flint and Sam admit that he was right, but are worried that Gil won't give up his position as principal without hurting his feelings. Shelbourne says he has no problem in doing so, since Gil is his son. Shelbourne calls Gil for free hugs and he appears instantaneously. He then ushers Gil outside to make sure others won't get jealous. Right when the two get to the entrance, Shelbourne grabs his three objects and kicks his son out, becoming principal once again. The students cheer as Shelbourne destroys all of Gil's work on the school, reverting it back to it's original state. Gil comes crashing back in with a fishbowl, pretending to be Bill. Shelbourne ignores his son as he does this. Gil slips on some water and shatters the fishbowl, causing him to act like a fish out of water. Flint and Sam finally see what Shelbourne meant by his message: Starts strong, ends weird.


  • The title of the episode is a reference to the proverb "Where there's a will, there's a way"
  • The title card is a reference to Game of Thrones