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When I Was Your Age is the 51st episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint invents a time machine to make his father like desserts.


Flint is upset that there is nothing for him to eat for breakfast except sardines. His dad tells him he hadn't had a dessert until he was 32, and Flint believes Tim is exaggerating. Later, when Flint is bored playing a video game, Tim tells him his only entertainment was two sardines in a frying pan. Sam tells Flint there's no way to tell if his dad is exaggerating unless they can travel back in time, so Flint invents a time machine that uses a wormhole and cardboard box to travel through time.

Sam warns Flint that even the smallest change to the past could have ripple effects on the present, and the two of them excitedly travel back in time. In the past, Old Rick is slightly less old, the mayor (who bears a striking resemblance to his son Gil) hands out fliers about his future election, and a young Earl confronts Sam and Flint, suspecting them of meddling. Flint and Sam pretend to be Italian (until Earl reveals he speaks fluent Italian) then awkwardly excuse themselves.

Flint finds his dad really did have a tough childhood, so he gives young Tim a bar of chocolate. When Sam and Flint return to the present, Tim has developed an unhealthy obsession with sugary foods, even dumping jellybeans into Flint's mouth with a funnel.

They return back in time and Flint instead tells a joke to young Tim to cheer him up. Returning to the present, Tim is a stand-up comedian. After multiple failed attempts to restore Flint's original dad, Sam finally manages to prevent Flint from doing or saying anything to his dad. As they leave, Sam burps loudly, and when they return to the present, Tim is back to normal save for momentous belches.


  • The Image of the episode is a reference to the movie Back to the Future.
  • The Tacodile Supreme makes a brief cameo through the wormhole.
  • Chicken Wings in Monkey Me, Monkey You make a brief appearance.
  • At the movie theater, the movie titles Revenge of the Time-Traveling Nerds, Pretty in Overalls, and Caddy Sharks which might be a reference to Revenge of the Nerds, Pretty in Pink, and Caddyshack, respectively.