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Food Base Watermelons
Animal/Lifeform Base Elephants
Diet Herbivorous
Habitat Foodimal Jungle
Named By Sam Sparks

Watermelophants are large watermelon Foodimals with the physical characteristics and behavior of an elephant they appear in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

Physical Apperance

Their body is a large watermelon, with a sliced part to make their mouth. Their trunk is a large root, and their tail is a root with a leaf at the tip of their tail. They have four tiny legs made of roots and their "feet" are leaves. They have two beady eyes and their ears are leaves. They have watermelon seeds as their teeth. Their height is 9 dm, when they are babies and 3.2 m, when they are adults. They like bathing in Coconut Water. They are extremely adorable.

Role in the Movie

They first appear intermediately after the Leek scene, the river gets faster and the water becomes coconut milk (because this part is long inside of a giant coconut),  Flint, Sam, Brent, Steve, Earl and Manny saw many Watermelophants bathing here, before the waterfall. They reappear again here when Chester V steals the FLDSMDFR and the river drains, leaving some watermelophants trapped there. They also reappear when Flint confronts Chester V, he tells Flint his evil plot and orders the FLDSMDFR to make Watermelophants and locks them in a glass cell, Sam immediately calls Chester "Monster" for doing this. They last appear in the Ending Credits of the movie: First: Earl rides one to put out a burning forest. Second: They appear in the beach flying kites. And Third: They appear in a traffic jam scene.


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