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Virtu-Earl Reality is the 23rd episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


After encouraging Mr. Earl to have a day off, Sam and Flint learn he is too bored, and try to make things better for him.


Earl gives out an excessive number of pop quizzes on subjects the students hadn't covered, all in the span of one morning. Flint mentions that Earl had never taken a day off, so Sam anonymously informed the head of the teacher's union. Mayor Shelbourne summons Earl to his office and insists he take a vacation.

Despite Regina telling Earl to relax on his day off, Earl repeatedly sneaks back to school, only to be escorted off by Gil. In an attempt to help prevent Earl from going crazy, Flint reveals his Flint Lockwood Spect-ocular Glasses to give Earl a virtual vacation on a beach, where Earl, attempting to kiss a parrot, mistakenly kisses Old Rick instead. When the Mayor tells the class to do his office paperwork, and Earl has too much fun at the expense of Old Rick, Flint decides to make his virtual vacation as unpleasant as possible to bring him back to reality.

Earl mistakes his mother-in-law for a desert lizard monster, honks his mother-in-law and wife's virtual clown noses, then takes off his shirt and launches pop quizzes at townspeople out of his pectorals. When Flint convinces Earl that Cal has turned into a virtual zombie, Earl finally ends his virtual vacation and the Mayor begs him to come back to work as a teacher.


  • Pearl, Earl's Persona, in Earl or Pearl?, can be seen in a picture frame when Manny narrates Mr. Earl's personal trouble.
  • Earl is unafraid of naked bobsledding, Arm-sharks, and the common-place werewolf.