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Vance LaFleur and the Science League.

Vance LaFleur is a famous scientist and head of the world Science League which focuses on the betterment and protection of mankind (or so they claim). He is considered a hero for creating a reverse nuclear bomb and saving the world from giant ants. Flint keeps a poster of him on his bedroom wall among other famous inventors.


He is a tall man in a full-length white lab coat with extra-long tails tended by his "science babes," a la super-scientist heroes of 1950s B-movies. He wears a black sweater underneath his lab coat, as well as black pants and shoes. He has pale skin, short white hair and wears glasses.


He is a selfish man with no morals and a cavalier attitude who cares only for fame and progress and puts the lives of innocent people on the line for his own benefit. He is an example of "hero syndrome," where he creates the world's problems (such as the giant ants) all so he can get the credit for "rescuing" the world from his own creations.



According to the movie's art book, he acts as a heroic scientist who helps the world with his science league and even saved it once from giant ants, however the disasters he stops are all actually caused by him.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs[]

A deleted scene shows Flint writing to Vance LaFleur, cataloging some of both of their achievements.


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  • According to the movie's art book, in one version of the story, Flint wanted to join the Science League and would eventually meet the head, Vance LaFleur himself, only to learn that LaFleur caused most of the problems he had solved (such as giant ants), and was rather blasé and cavalier about it, showing that he was a man of no morals who cared only about fame and status. Eventually making Flint deny acceptance into the Science League and staying in Swallow Falls.
  • He has never made an on-screen appearance, but he was later reimagined as the sequel's villain, Chester V.