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The Upsucker Plus is an invention used in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs video game.

Porta-vac with liqui-pulsion squirter. Sucks up liquids and spits them out.
— From the game manual


The Upsucker Plus is used to vaccuum up different liquids from puddles on the ground and spray them on flat surfaces or on objects or enemies. Spraying a type of liquid on the ground will automatically cover any other liquids on the ground (e.g. oil and honey can create paths through chili, and counts toward cleaning chili in Outtasighter missions).

  • Hot Coffee - Used to melt jelly donuts and sugar cube Hydronic Foodpods, as well as anything else that can be melted with the Hot Enougher
  • Chili - Similar to hot coffee, but remains on the floor and creates a patch of chili that can be walked on by Flint or enemy foods such as gummi bears
  • Honey - If sprayed on the floor, it creates a sticky patch that can trap jumping marshmallows, allowing them to be melted, or slow chickens (which can be knocked over with the Bigacious Pow to immobilize them completely) and gummi bears. If sprayed on upright slices of bread, it creates a wall which Flint and Steve can climb
  • Oil - Can be sprayed on the ground to create a slippery patch for pushing objects such as English Muffins
  • Guacamole - Can be sprayed on the ground to create a path through chili. Can be vaccuumed with the Outtasighter but has no other beneficial or detrimental effects
  • Water - In the PSP version of the game, Flint can use water to wash away chili. Unlike guacamole, water doesn't remain on the ground after being sprayed

Upgrading the Upsucker Plus increases the size of the tank, allowing one puddle of liquid to be used on more surfaces or objects before the invention needs to be refilled. Upgrades also increase the speed that a puddle is sucked up.