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Trees Company is the 39th episode of Season 2 in Cloudy: the series. It is the 91st episode overall.


Brent and Flint get stuck up a tree together after one of Brent's jokes goes too far.


Brent subjects Flint to a series of disgusting pranks, and Flint complains to Sam that Brent has no concept of comedy. They hear Brent call for help from the top of a nearby tree. Though Flint thinks it's another of Brent's jokes, Sam insists Flint go up and help Brent get down.

Flint uses an invention to ascend to the top of the tree, but Brent yanks him out of the sky. Separated from his invention and with no way down, Flint realizes Brent's whole joke was simply to get him into a tree. Sam calls the fire department, and the Mayor and Gil arrive in a fire truck. Since nothing is on fire, they refuse to help.

Sam asks Earl for help, and he shakes the tree violently. Flint and Brent cling to the tree branch, and cats fall out of the tree instead. Earl, who is allergic to cats, suffers an anaphylactic reaction and flees the scene. To pass the time, Flint suggests Brent tell a joke. Brent tells a bad joke and Flint fakes laughter, but Brent catches on to Flint's fake reaction. Flint asks who Brent likes to tell jokes for and Brent says he likes to tell jokes to his grandma in the hospital.

Brent shows Flint his funny chicken dance, but falls out of the tree. When he asks Sam for help, he launches her into the tree instead so she is stuck beside Flint. Brent bursts out laughing and reveals that his grandma was in the hospital for tonsil removal. Tim arrives with a ladder to help Flint and Sam get down, but Flint's invention destroys the ladder. They decide to pass the time telling bad jokes.