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Totally Tall Tales is the 49th episode of Cloudy: The Series Season 2. It is the 101th episode overall.


Townspeople recount their versions of how the island of Swallow Falls came to be.


Sam breathes in the sardine-scented air of the cannery. She's finally getting used to being in Swallow Falls and adjusting to its quirks. The only thing she doesn't understand is the town's monument. Flint tells her its to memorialize how Swallow Falls is the lost city of Atlantis, since it's shaped like a pork chop (and Atlanteans love pork chops). He tells a tale of how a civilization strikingly similar to modern-day Swallow Falls decided they no longer wanted Atlantis to be lost. Using Atlantis-Brent's belches, they ascend to the surface - where the Atlanteans realize they cannot breathe air.

Old Rick laughs at Flint's tale and sings about Big Earl Bunyan, a gigantic man who built Swallow Falls out of a jigsaw puzzle set. Earl insists the island was founded by pirates in 1492, when two opposing ships had a 30-day standoff escalating to the Great Sea Battle of 1492. The two ships pelted rocks and dirt at each other with their cannons, slowly forming the island. Pirate-Brent dropped trees from a hot-air balloon while Pirate-Rick sailed an ark full of animals to the island. With each story, the statue changes to match.

Sam soon gets in on the fun and creates a story about Swallow Falls being started as a secret headquarters for a group of superheroes. The others enjoy the story and Flint tells her "welcome home." After everyone leaves, it is revealed that Steve was the one changing the statue after each story, who then carves it into a statue of himself.


  • Big Earl Bunyan is a reference to the folk hero Paul Bunyan.
  • Old Rick's ark of animals is a reference to the Biblical story of Noah's Ark.


"Give us your weirdos, your corrupt mayors, your adorable handsome spokesbabies, your science nerds yearning to be less lame and more well-liked. We are all Swallow Falls." --Baby Brent