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Total Samesies s the 16th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


When they are teased for being too similar, Flint and Sam try to prove that they are totally different.


The episode begins with a montage of Sam and Flint's identical morning routines. During class, they answer a question at the same time using the exact same wording, to which Brent says the two of them are the "samesies." In an effort to appear different, Flint insists he has more in common with Brent and Sam says she has more in common with Gil.

Flint invites Brent to his lab, where he proceeds to break everything, while Sam spends time at Gil's mansion, where he tries to impress her with his tie collection. Sam is about to leave when Gil tells her about his collection of weather devices. Flint becomes increasingly exasperated with Brent while Sam flees Gil's advances in a hot-air weather balloon.

Gil catches up to Sam and shows her his toenail collection, while Brent builds a rocket and tells Flint he plans to hit it hard enough to send it back in time to become the first rocket sent to space. The rocket blasts off and runs into the weather balloon, reuniting Flint and Sam. Brent shows Gil his toenails, and the two of them bond over toenail clippings and probes while Flint and Sam accept being "samesies."