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Timmy Rockgood is the 23rd episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 75rd episode in the series overall.


When Tim brushes off his guitar and revitalizes his classic rock act, Flint attempts to modernize his dad's outdated sound.


Flint is trying to clean the garage with his Broomerang when he finds an old guitar. Tim reveals that he used to tour with the guitar, playing in multiple different bands, and quit shortly after Flint was born. Flint feels bad that his dad gave up on his dreams because of him, and insists Tim become a rockstar again.

Tim plays again, and Flint quickly realizes all of his songs sound the same. Brent records Tim playing and makes fun of him in front of the whole school. Flint invents an outfit designed to improve Tim's talents, and they sneakily trick Tim into wearing it.

The Mayor books Tim for a performance, but backstage before the show, Flint brags to Gil about his invention. Tim overhears and apologizes for disappointing Flint. Flint tells him he just wanted Tim to realize his dream of being a rockstar, and Tim tells him it was never his dream to be a rockstar. It was his dream to be a dad.

He gives one last performance, without Flint's invention, and is met with resounding applause.


  • Barry's appearance: During the bathroom scene.
  • The episode art is a reference to Nirvana's "Nevermind" album cover.