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Tim and Son's Sardine Bait and Tackle (formerly known as Tim's Sardine Bait and Tackle) is a local bait and tackle shop in Swallow Falls owned and run by Tim Lockwood. It is located on the drab and dreary Waterfront Street. Like a fractal consisting of rectangles, everything down to the items for sale within the shop reflects the boring, square shape language of the rest of the town.

It is an environment that is clearly stuck in the past, which makes forward-thinking Flint uncomfortable. At the tackle shop, common tasks included stacking cans of Baby Brent Sardines, selling bait and tackle, or grinding chum from sardines - simple yet monotonous tasks not designed for Flint's spontaneity and creativity.

Flint knows that the tackle shop represents a possible future for him if he can't invent something that really works. Like any artist would think, it would be a fate worse than death to be stuck in a noncreative environment like that.
— Art Director Michael Kurinsky


Tim Lockwood first started working at the tackle shop with his father. Even during the peak of Swallow Falls's heyday, Tim's bait shop often struggled to stay afloat, as he faced stiff competition from nearby businesses and competing tackle shops.

Despite Flint's obvious passion for inventing, it was still Tim's dream for his son to carry on the family business. When the FLDSMDFR's first test shorted the power to their house, Tim insisted Flint work full-time at the tackle shop, telling him "tackle is a good career." He unveiled that the sign for Tim's Sardine Bait and Tackle had been updated to read "Tim and Son's Sardine Bait and Tackle." However, the sign was knocked off the side of the building during a rain of large hot dogs.

During the Spaghetti Twister, a meatball crashed into the front of the building, temporarily blocking the main exit until Tim forced the giant meatball aside.

When Tim returned to Swallow Falls after six months in San Franjose, he ventured back to his tackle shop to find food. There, he ran into a roving gang of sardine-loving Pickles, and they quickly became fast friends after Tim taught them how to fish.

Video Game[]

In the video game, Tim's bait and tackle shop is next to a massive junkyard. In the game, Tim tells Flint to turn off his machine in front of the bait shop instead of at The Roofless.

MotionGate Dubai[]

Tim and Son's Bait Shop is one of the four Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs-themed attractions that premiered with the opening of MotionGate Dubai theme park in December 2016. The bait shop served as a Cloudy themed gift shop that riders could access after riding Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs River Expedition.


  • Tim keeps a can of vintage Baby Brent smoked sardines in a Fale brand safe in the tackle shop.
  • A version of Tim's Bait and Tackle Shop was a store in MotionGate Dubai.