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Tim and Jim is the 34th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.

Follows Spacy Race, precedes Mayornormal Activity.


Tim's rebellious brother, Jim, comes to visit, and Jim soon becomes jealous of Tim's perfect life.


Flint shows Sam his latest invention - Hearmuffs, designed for the user to hear interesting sounds. One such interesting sound is Jim saying "huh" at the arrival of a letter. Flint recognizes that this is a huge, dramatic reaction for his dad and rushes home to investigate.

Tim reveals Flint's uncle Jim is coming to visit, and tells Sam that Jim is the "bad boy" of the family. Sam and Flint ask Jim what reckless adventures Jim has been up to and he tells them he goes treasure hunting, which amounts to using a metal detector to find bottle caps on the beach.

Jim admits that he wouldn't mind switching places with Tim, and in the dead of night, he sneaks into Tim's room and mutters that "it's time to sleep with the fish."

The next day, Jim blends in without an issue, even placating Earl with a finger puppet show, which Flint remarks is very "Uncle Jim" of him. Jim doesn't know where the bait shop is and can't answer his customers' questions. Flint, suspicious, asks Jim questions only his dad would know (all of which are correctly answered with "sardines"). Steve licks Jim's forehead, revealing Jim's lack of monobrow. Jim explains that he was jealous of Tim's life, so he dropped the sleeping Tim in a boat and sent him across the sea, so Tim could literally sleep with the fish.

Tim arrives through the front door after a fun day of fishing, and the two laugh about Jim's "bad boy" antics.


  • One of Tim's mounted fish sings a song reminiscent of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin.