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Tim Lockwood is Flint Lockwood's father, Fran Lockwood's widower and the owner of a tackle shop in Swallow Falls. He is a supporting character in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and its sequel.


Tim has a big body and has brown hair, blue eyes, and a hairy mustache and eyebrows. His thick unibrow conceals his eyes. He wears a light blue shirt and grey pants.


Tim Lockwood is blunt, down-to-earth, practical, and pragmatic. He is a skilled fisherman, and commonly expresses himself through fishing metaphors. Although immensely intelligent like his son,[2] he struggles to comprehend topics unrelated to his interest in fishing, including technological literacy.[3]

Tim is determined and independent, unwilling to wait behind when there is work to be done.[4] He is rather introverted, preferring the solitude of fishing or watching fishing shows on TV, but is amicable and is easily able to befriend a band of Pickles over their shared interest in sardines.


Early Life[]

Growing up, Tim and his father enjoyed the outdoors together, going on a yearly camping and fishing trip. He has two siblings: a sister named Bev[5] and a brother named Jim. Tim has a close yet somewhat strained relationship with his brother, since Tim was the more charismatic of the two, leading to long-term jealousy and resentment from Jim. Compared to Jim, Tim considers himself the "emotional" brother, and admires Jim for his risk-taking tendencies, affectionately calling him the "bad boy."[6] Tim had a rather strict childhood; his mother would not allow him to have dessert until he was 32, and he was given very little to play with as a child, so made his own fun with sardines in a pan.[7]

Kellman Tim and Flint

In young adulthood, Tim Lockwood was a rock guitarist who went by the stage name Timmy Rockgood. Though he enjoyed his time on the stage, his real dream was to be a father, so he stopped performing shortly after Flint was born.[8] It is unknown how or when he met his wife Fran, but the two of them happily raised Flint together for 13 years before she died.

Cloudy: The Series[]

When Flint was in high school, Tim enjoyed spending the majority of his time fishing, even inviting Flint to join him on his traditional father-son camping and fishing trip. Tim supports Flint during father-son competitions, particularly against Mayor Shelbourne and his son Gil. However, Tim does not particularly care about winning, and is happy to spend time with his son.

Tim is also particularly avoidant to discuss mature topics with his son as he goes through puberty, often avoiding tough conversations entirely or attempting to explain them using fishing metaphors.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs[]


When a young Flint returned home from school after being bullied for his "Spray-on shoes" invention, Tim tried to comfort him by using a fishing metaphor, which Flint didn't understand. After Fran's death, the communication barrier between Tim and his son became even more pronounced. He struggled to understand Flint's passion and tried to encourage him to work full-time at the bait and tackle shop.

His disappointment was especially clear after the wayward FLDSMDFR destroyed Sardine Land. Even after the machine caused cheeseburgers to rain from the sky, Tim was still skeptical, insisting that cheeseburgers from the sky was unnatural. After Flint looked him in the eye (with great difficulty) and told him he had the situation under control and that it wouldn't end in disaster, Tim allowed Flint to continue work on the machine.

When Flint's invention becomes a massive success, Tim's business slows to a crawl, and he is forced to heavily discount his wares. He tries to encourage Flint to help out around the shop to spend more time together, but Flint is too busy planning the town's grand reopening with the Mayor and refuses.

The day before the grand reopening, Flint treated his dad to a special steak dinner at the Roofless restaurant, where Flint enthusiastically announced that he would be cutting the ribbon at the unveiling ceremony. Just as Tim was about to respond, an overly large steak landed in front of him, and Tim instead expressed concern that the food from the FLDSMDFR may not be good for people. Tim told Flint that if Flint is so confident about what he is doing, that Tim would simply get out of his way. He returned to the tackle shop and ground chum alone.

Tim did not attend the opening ceremony, instead staying in the tackle shop. However, when the weather soured and a spaghetti twister terrorized the town, Tim tried to reach Flint, only to be trapped in the store by a giant meatball. When the storm cleared, he found Flint's old lab coat hanging from a power line nearby.

Tim took the lab coat to the backyard, calling up to the lab for Flint. Flint answered from a trash can, utterly defeated emotionally from his failure. Tim reassured Flint with the metaphor "when it rains, you put on a coat," and held up Flint's coat for him to understand the message. Flint was inspired by his dad's support and prepared to fly into the clouds to defeat the FLDSMDFR.

Tim Lockwood Computer Problems

Tim later received a call from Flint frantically asking him to go to the lab and email Flint a file to his cell phone. The technologically illiterate Tim balked at the task, but Flint walked him through the steps over the phone. Just as he was about to hit "send," the food dam of accumulated leftovers burst, knocking the lab over and burying Tim in food.

Flint, surrounded by man-eating chickens, said his last goodbyes and thanked Tim for sticking up for him. Determined, Tim unburied himself from the avalanche of food and sent the email - which, unbeknownst to him, contained the wrong file.

The FLDSMDFR was destroyed, but when Flint's Flying Car returned, Flint was not inside. He briefly mourned his loss with Sam before a flock of Ratbirds descended from the sky, carrying a charred but very much alive Flint. With the help of the Monkey Thought Translator, Tim was finally able to express his love for his son, and the two embraced before Tim directed Flint to reunite with, and ultimately kiss, Sam.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2[]

Tim enthusiastically shared in Flint's plans to build a place together with Sam, and begrudgingly accepted that he and the rest of the townspeople would have to leave Swallow Falls while Chester V and his Thinkquanauts cleaned the island.

Tim eyes

When Flint failed to obtain the coveted orange vest at the yearly Vesting Ceremony, Tim suggested that the two of them take the boat to Swallow Falls and clean the island themselves. Despite Tim only being 49, Flint expressed that he considered Tim to be too old for cleanup work.

When Flint ultimately decided to return to the island to stop the Cheespiders, Tim offered his boat as transport, noting that he could see Flint and his friends planning from the apartment. Upon arriving at the island, Tim reluctantly agreed to stay on the boat while Flint and his friends explored, promising they'd be back by suppertime.

When suppertime came and went, Tim grabbed a harpoon and ventured onto the island himself for some food. At the tackle shop, he encountered a group of Pickles who were intent on eating sardines. Tim brought them back to his boat and taught the three how to fish. Tim befriended the Pickles and was invited to stay in their village, which is where he found a bedraggled Flint, who had been rescued by marshmallows after being betrayed by Chester V. Tim, along with the rest of the Foodimals, helped Flint reach the Live Corp factory to save Flint's captive friends, and after the successful rescue mission, he took Flint fishing for the first time.

Video Game[]


Tim first contacts Flint about a "little talk" at the bait shop, but when giant meatballs raining from the sky make navigation treacherous, Tim tells Flint it's time to turn off the machine. Flint then returns to his lab to find the control unit for the FLDSMDFR missing. Tim then instructs Flint to help repair the Power Plant and implores him to rescue himself and workers at the cannery. All of the levels use the Bigacious Pow.

Tim is seen in the yard at the beginning of Act VII.


  • Due to excessive exposure to sunlight, Tim is totally colorblind.[9]


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