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Tim, Jim and Kimis the 40th episode of Season 2 in Cloudy: the series. It is the 92th episode overall.


Tensions arise when Tim's jealous brother Jim visits with his flirtatious new fiancée, Kim.


Flint bursts into Tim's Bait and Tackle shop to announce that Uncle Jim is coming to visit with his fiancee to get married at the Lockwood house. Tim is reluctant, since in the past, Jim's previous girlfriends had fallen for Tim instead. Tim admits that family needs to stick together and decides to allow Jim and Kim to come.

Tim immediately impresses Kim with his knowledge of Swiss trout. Flint becomes nervous that Jim will be jealous of Tim, especially after Kim admits that Tim is the funnier of the two brothers. Sam assures Flint that he's overreacting, but Jim invites Tim to do something dangerous for his bachelor party. Sam and Flint follow Tim and Jim onto a plane and take the parachute Jim offers to Tim for skydiving. The pilot (Manny) warns of turbulence, and Flint and Sam fall out of the plane. To their relief, the parachute worked.

At the wedding, Flint and Sam are still paranoid, especially when Jim says Tim will get his "just desserts" and the wedding cake starts ticking. The two dive into the cake to find a cuckoo clock, and Kim tells them that it's a Swiss tradition to put a clock in the wedding cake. By destroying the cake, Flint and Sam cursed Kim and Jim's marriage forever.

Kim tells Flint and Sam that she was simply being polite to Tim, and that Swiss women prefer space between the eyebrows over a monobrow. After the wedding, Jim thanks Tim for hosting even though it was a "lousy wedding." The still-unmarried Kim drives off with Jim, joking that if things don't work out with Jim that Tim should give her a call.