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Thinkquanaut Poster Concept

Thinkquanauts are an elite class of Live Corp employees that are selected by Chester V during an annual Vesting Ceremony, where they are bestowed with an iconic orange vest.

Thinkquanauts do awesome stuff like save the earth from meteors, build underwater cities, and cure popular diseases like pink eye. They are generally just better than normal people.
— Director Kris Pearn

They are often tasked with undertaking dangerous adventures in their quest to solve the world's problems with science. When tasked with dangerous missions, Chester will send out specially-tasked Thinkquanauts known as Sentinels of Safety.

Chester with Thinkquanauts


  • The Thinkquanauts were once called Innovators.
  • Many costume ideas were pitched before settling on the orange vest, such as belts that were color-coded to indicate rank (like karate), glowing "Thinking Caps," or orange fanny packs and a hoodie-style coverall.
  • All Thinkquanuts are voiced by Cody Cameron.