Thinkquanauts are the employees of Live Corp and a secondary antagonist of the film. They are a group of an upper level that are selected by Chester V, according to their ideas and invents. They act as sentinels and guards to protect Chester V because they are loyal to him. Sometimes they only wear with the Orange Coat, but they usually are seen with a Sentinel of Safety Armor, that activates with a kind Dancing Machine and also has a "Pectoral Alarm" (That acts like Earl's chest tic), that shows them if is danger close of them. Their main weapon is a Freezing Ray that can freeze any living form in their path, including Foodimals and Humans.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Flint's dream was become in one of these, especially because they wear and Orange Coat from Live Corp. They first appear traveling along with Chester V's clones, through the Transformed Swallow Falls before relocating all the inhabitants, later they soon were attacked by the Double Bacon Cheespider, they later arrive with Chester V and Barb to Swallow Falls and acts like the gang's guard and start freezing Foodimals if they approach them. Then later freeze Flint's friends (along with a Double Bacon Cheespider, Manny's Camera and Sam's Machine) when they realize Chester's plans, They last appear in Live Corp's new building, and freeze Flint's Food Transporter and start battling the Foodimals who still there, during the battle Barry steals one Robotic Armor and uses it to stop the Thinknaughts and reach Flint. It's unknown what happened to them after Chester V's demise.


  • The Robotic Armor that the Thinkquanauts wear is similiar to Timmy Turner's Shrinky Suit in the Fairly Oddparents series.
  • All Thinkquanuts are voiced by Cody Cameron.
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