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The Talented Mr. Buttons is the 41st episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint and Sam find a lost cat, and Sam sabotages efforts to find the owner so she can keep it.


Flint is testing his latest invention, designed to scan an animal and give it its favorite type of food. However, it fails at a mangy-looking cat. Sam tells Flint to check its tag for its name, explaining that she falls in love with any animal she touches (including skunks, snakes, and mosquitoes). Flint is too busy being mauled by the cat to listen and hands Sam the cat. She instantly falls in love and calls him Mr. Buttons (even though his name tag says Ted).

When Flint calls out for the owner, Sam quiets him. Flint reminds her, using a recording of their earlier conversation, that Sam had said they have a moral obligation to find its owner - who turns out to be Mayor Shelbourne.

After seeing how much the mayor misses the cat, Sam and Flint reluctantly decide to return him - only to discover that his value is due to him eating the mayor's diamond cufflinks. Sam, Flint, and the mayor give chase to the cat, which runs around town eating Earl's whistle and Brent's sandwich. So the whole town is after the cat, and Flint catches it by offering a bowl of buttons to eat, and he and Sam hide the cat in Flint's lab.

Sam convinces the townspeople not to hurt the cat, and it gags up the stuff it swallowed earlier. The Mayor tells Sam and Flint they can keep it. The two are overjoyed until Manny explains that the "cat" is actually a Guatemalan sewer rat, which has an uncanny resemblance to a housecat from certain angles. Although Flint is grossed out by this, Sam just continues to kiss the rat.


  • When Sam holds up the cat for the townspeople to look into its eyes, a song reminiscent of "Circle of Life" from Disney's The Lion King plays.


"You know I can't lie! I'm a scientist! Scientists are fact-based." --Flint Lockwood