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The Shelbourne Identity is the 46th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Sam discovers and spills the beans that the Mayor's first name is Tootsie.


Sam is desperate for an interesting news story to broadcast. As she is lamenting her problem to Flint, Principal Shelbourne broadcasts telling the students to contribute to his re-election fund. Flint muses that there are several mysteries about the mayor, including why he has a million dollars in an offshore account, why his hair doesn't move, and what his first name is. Upon hearing this, Sam is determined to figure out Mayor Shelbourne's first name.

After Flint takes the solemn Sardine pledge, Mayor Shelbourne reveals his first name is Tootsie, telling the two not to tell a soul. Since Sam never took the pledge, she reveals the Mayor's secret to the town. The Mayor sarcastically reveals several more of his secrets - that his hair is fake, he has a tattoo of two sardines on his butt cheeks, and that he has smooth legs like a lady.

The Mayor is so distraught from the humiliation that he tasks Flint and Sam with carrying out his campaign promises: having cheeks pinched by old people, a shirtless boxing match with Earl, bobbing for lobsters and scrubbing fish poop. After falling down the sewer drain, Sam and Flint run into the mayor just as a package is delivered to "S. Shelbourne." His legs are also revealed to be hairy, and his bald head is simply a bald cap under his wig.

In the end, the Mayor's real name is revealed to be Susan.