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The Science of the Toot is the 21st episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


In a bid to make his classmates consider his idea for a science mural, Flint creates a toot-inducing bean.


Mayor Shelbourne is balancing the budget and finds he has an extra $500 in the school budget. After calling himself to approve the budget, he tells himself to use the money on whatever he wants. He tells the students that they have $50 and holds an assembly so students could pitch ideas for how to spend it. After rejecting every other idea, the mayor agrees to Brent's idea to buy a nacho machine.

Sam tells Flint that the combination of "gross" and "comedy" will convince people to give you what you want. After watching the mayor reveal a disgusting extra toe, Old Rick dripping snot while playing the banjo, and Tim Lockwood picking food out of his moustache, Flint is convinced and decides to down a whole 2-liter bottle of soda and belch in front of the class while pitching his idea for a mural of important inventions. He farted instead of belching, but the class laughed, which emboldened Flint. Combining sulfur, rotten-cheese smell, and trombone in his lab, Flint invents the Flint Lockwood Flatulator Incubator, which (after a "pull my finger" gag) produces a glowing green bean, which Flint promptly ingests.

At first, Flint's flatulence wins the approval of his classmates by making them laugh. The mayor is nearly convinced to use Flint's idea until he invites Flint into an enclosed elevator with minimal ventilation, where Flint pulls a "pull my finger" gag. The prank does not go over well, and the mayor rejects Flint's proposal. Sam warns Flint that once farts stop being funny, they're never funny again. Flint vows not to toot again, but his stomach digests the rest of the bean, building a "level seven" toot. Sam throws Flint into the ocean to suppress it, but it causes a tidal wave that covers the town in pink goo.

Some of the goo creats a mural that looks like Flint's mural idea. Since the mural is free, the Mayor agrees to get the cheese machine as well.


  • "All word and no play" under Sal picture is a reference to the movie The Shining.
  • Cameo: The FLDSMDFR is doodled on a note in Flint's locker.