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The Sardemon is the 13th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Tim takes Flint to the wilderness to participate in the Lockwood father-son tradition of trying to catch the Sardemon.


Tim Lockwood awakens Flint at 4 in the morning for a father-son fishing weekend. A flashback reveals that Tim and his father were practically identical, singing the same songs and doing the same hobbies. Flint tries to make excuses to get out of going, but still decides to go fishing to make his dad happy. Flint inhales bugs and attempts to hug a tree before calling Sam, who is overwhelmed babysitting Steve. Sam tells Flint to have fun, and that she finds his fishing metaphors funny, making a fishing metaphor that Tim approves of.

Tim encourages Flint to help find and set up the perfect campsite, but bored Flint decides to use a Tent Grenade to speed up the process. He can't sing the camp song properly, so he calls Sam and frustratedly tells her he just wants to go home. Tim overhears and tells Flint they'll leave in the morning. Flint feels bad and uses a series of inventions to try and search for the Sardemon. Tim explains that the joy of fishing isn't as much about catching the fish as it is about spending time together trying to catch the fish.

Tim teaches Flint to fish, and Flint catches the Sardemon, which has grown dramatically in the past 30 years. It drags the boat through the water and Tim gets a picture of Flint with the Sardemon before it takes off with Flint's fishing rod and swims away. Tim tells Flint it is the proudest day of his life, and that next year they'd do something Flint wants to do.

A year later, the picture of the Sardemon is framed and hung in the tackle shop. Flint wheels in a wagon full of inventions and declares the day "Me and Dad Inventing Day."


  • The title card of this episode is a reference to the movie Jaws.
  • This episode contradicts the first movie which states Shamo is the world's largest sardine.
  • Ratbirds are shown to be very high on the food chain, as one attacks a hawk.
  • The episode references a picture on Tim's boat, of young Flint trying to fish but hooking his dad's face instead.