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Originally known as the "Sardiner," The Roofless was a popular restaurant in Swallow Falls that was renovated after Flint Lockwood's invention, the FLDSMDFR, revitalized the town with falling food. As its name suggests, The Roofless has no roof, allowing patrons to simply hold out their plates to be served the day's meal.


The Sardiner was Swallow Falls's local "greasy spoon" diner, a mismatched combination of rock, stucco, and brick, with an awning over one set of windows and not the other. Its cobbled-together design is complete with a painting of a mermaid on an inside wall.

When Mayor Shelbourne renovated the town, the Sardiner got a facelift - the hodgepodge design of the diner is completely refurbished into a sleek, synthetic restaurant designed with neon lights, stainless steel, and plate-glass decor. Like Flint's newfound fame, it is new, cool, and overwhelmingly bright, blinding the town to the dangers about to come.

The restaurant was buried by a monsoon of spaghetti spawned by the Spaghetti Twister and was likely destroyed by the food avalanche that decimated the town. When Flint and friends later revisited the restaurant, it was buried askew in the foliage, serving as a literal and metaphorical doorway to the habitat of the Foodimals.


  • The mermaid mural was an homage to a mural inside a restaurant down the street from Imageworks. As Art Director Michael Kurinsky fondly recalls, "that mural was so bad it was good."