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The Pandas Are Coming is the 10th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Mayor Shelbourne brings a panda to Swallow Falls, but when the town falls under the panda's spell it's up to Flint and Sam to find out what's really going on.


One of the popular girls at Cannery High is chatting about outfits with her friends when Brent, dressed as a spider, drops from above and scares her in order to steal her lipstick. Sam scoffs at the fear of spiders, and the show cuts to a montage of Sam showing no fear of horror movies, snakes, and sharks. She declares herself not to be afraid of anything until she freaks out at a billboard promoting a panda.

Sam insists that scientifically, pandas are not of this world because they have six digits on each palm, their digestive tracts are designed for meat, but they only eat bamboo, and they're black and white despite nothing in their environment being black and white.

Flint assures Sam pandas aren't coming to Swallow Falls before the mayor immediately declares a panda is coming to Swallow Falls. The mayor only paid 5 sardines for the panda and hopes merchandising will make him a fortune. Sam continues to insist Zhang Zhang the panda is an alien, and Flint tells her he'll test his DNA to be sure. Flint plucks a hair from the panda's back, to which it responds by growling at him with glowing red eyes - which the mayor promptly merchandises.

Back at the lab, Flint and Sam determine the fur contains alien microbes and spend three weeks writing a 3,000-page scientific report on their findings (and an abbreviated 200-page version and a two-page overview). Zhang Zhang starts breakdancing, hypnotizing the townspeople including Tim Lockwood. Zhang Zhang begins to win over Flint as well, so Sam propels a sardine into its mouth. The panda sprouts tentacled arms and glowing red eyes.

The townspeople seek to attack the panda for being different and not adorable, so Sam defends Zhang Zhang. A UFO appears and takes Zhang Zhang, telling the town they were promised eternal life and a new paradise, but that they don't like the townspeople or their sardines. The mayor reassures the townspeople that a baby tiger is on the way in Zhang Zhang's place, and when it sprouts a third eye and tentacles, Sam tells Flint she's not going to say anything.


  • The floating head in the horror movie could be the show's executive producer Mark Evestaff.
  • This is the first episode to features an alien (Zhang Zhang)

Memorable Quote[]

"But without proper footnotes and a thorough bibliography, who was gonna take us seriously?" --Sam Sparks