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The New, New Gil is the 16th episode Cloudy: the series season 2.


Sam tries to help a new student settle into Swallow Falls.


Mayor Shelbourne announces that a new student is coming to school, and the whole student body expresses their disdain. Sam remembers her time as the new girl and wants to make sure the new girl feels welcome. Earl introduces Jo, who immediately wins over everyone in the class, including Flint.

Sam feels left out, and Jo isn't given an opportunity to get to know Sam. Jo shares interests with nearly everyone in the school and is able to recover gracefully from every disaster that befalls her. Sam laments to Flint how upset it made her, knowing everyone in the school dislikes her because of who she is instead of simply for being the new girl. Flint tells her that the challenge of finding something in common with someone so different is what made Sam worth it to befriend.

Jo comes over to chat, and Flint shares a sardine sandwich. Jo reveals she hates sardines, but before the whole school turns on her, Sam takes the blame and says the expression of disgust came from her. Jo appreciates the gesture, and she, Sam, and Flint dance to Sam's favorite song together.


  • The fact that Gil is Mayor Shelbourne's son "was never proven in court," implying that Gil was an unintended child and a bargaining chip during possible divorce hearings.


"I thought everyone always gave me a hard time because I was new. But it was because I was me." --Sam Sparks