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FlintHouse 01

The Lockwood residence during Flint's childhood

The Lockwood Residence is Flint's childhood home and the home of Fran and Tim Lockwood. It is one of three standard designs of houses within Swallow Falls, with a spacious living room, an open kitchen, and two bedrooms - one for Flint and one for his parents. Flint's room expresses his love for science, from the chemistry-themed bedding to the motivational posters of famous inventors on his walls.

It is clear from the faded photographs and wilting flowers that the house has not had a feminine, motherly touch since Fran's death, and is now simply a serviceable abode for the Lockwood men. Tim spends most of his free time in the living room watching television, while Flint isolates himself in the backyard within his lab.


During Flint's childhood, Fran Lockwood made an effort to keep the house well-decorated and homely, with family portraits, flowers, and carefully planned interior design. After her death, the family portraits were not updated, and the house, while well-maintained, remained sparsely decorated, with an emphasis on pragmatic use rather than aesthetic warmth.

The house was destroyed by an avalanche of food, but individual rooms such as Flint's childhood bedroom and the old living room remain intact, overgrown with foliage and suspended in midair above the Salsa River.


  • The font on Flint's motivational posters was designed by Justin K. Thompson.