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The Kid's Got Moxy is the 15th episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 67th episode in the series overall. It debuted 28 April 2018 after Out to FLUNCH and before The New, New Girl.


When Flint's new invention gives Gil some much-needed confidence, the mayor demands a moxy-boost of his own.


Cannery High is in a terrible state, with cracked walls, broken water fountains, and decaying ceilings. After the coffee machine breaks, Principal Shelbourne complains that the school is falling apart, blaming overdue library books rather than his own fiscal irresponsibility. Gil insists he can collect the overdue fees himself, but Shelbourne laughs and tells Gil he requires moxy.

Gil is unsuccessful at collecting fees from Earl, Brent, and Manny. Gil pleads with his father to give him one more chance. Shelbourne threatens to instead send a sardine named Bill, who has more moxy than Gil, to collect if Gil fails. Gil fails to collect from Flint and Sam and breaks down into tears. Flint pities Gil and offers him his inventions instead, but Gil refuses unless the inventions gave him moxy. Flint uses a cardboard box and the placebo effect to give him more moxy.

Gil, now with his new moxiness, collects the late fees from Earl, Brent, and Manny. Shelbourne, reading a newspaper, mentions if he was right to be pre-disappointed by his son, only to look up and see the money he collected in awe. Shelbourne then compliments his son, saying he has a low level of attitude, but a high level of moxy. Gil turns to Bill, tapping his fish bowl and proving that he has more moxy than him. Shelbourne then demands his son to make a sandwich, only for Gil to refuse and instead make his dad create the sandwich. Shelbourne obliges, only to realize something is wrong. He questions on where Gil got his sudden moxy and finger-snapping. Gil responds that he got it from Flint's invention. Shelbourne says that Flint's inventions never work, but Gil says that it did, even mentioning the level 2 option the invention was supposedly set to.

Shelbourne then goes to Flint's lab, demanding to use the Flint Lockwood Moxinator (after arguing about its name). The next day, at the school, armed with heightened moxy, Shelbourne and Gil confront each other. Gil is forced to moisurize the Mayor's feet, making him lose his moxy. Gil pays Flint to restore his moxy, then forces his dad to create an extra foamy iced mocha sardine latte. Shelbourne then pays Flint as well, and the competition evolves into an intense contest of who can have the higher moxy, paying Flint handsomely in the process.

Shelbourne announces that he is the monarch of moxy, while Gil says he will win the moxiest kid of the year award. Gil then begins dancing, turning the situation into a dance-off. The two begin dancing to see who has the better move. When the competition becomes increasingly violent, Flint decides to change his Moxinator, setting the Moxinator to level L for love. Mayor Shelbourne and his son use the machine and apologize to each other, hugging each other tightly. Shelbourne decides not to use the money to fix the school and Flint decides to get his books online from now on.