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The Inventor's Code is the 39th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint feels obligated to help out another inventor in town.


As Flint is busy inventing a glass of chocolate milk, Hector leaves Flint a video message using a flying TV equipped with carbon-fiber wings telling Flint to come to his lab. When Flint says he has plans with Sam, Hector reminds him of the Inventor's Code, so Flint invites Sam to come with him (as part of the Best Friends Code).

At the retirement home, Hector shows off a few unimpressive inventions before emotionally manipulating Flint into building an invention for him - a mobility scooter equipped with fog lights, custom license plates, and a nozzle that sprays gelatin, which he uses to encase Flint in a Jell-O mold.

Hector escapes the retirement home with his scooter and causes minor inconveniences to the townspeople. Flint, citing the Inventor's Code, challenges Hector to an Inventor's Duel. The two of them go head-to-head using age-related attacks: Flint plays rock-'n-roll while Hector launches fruitcakes and dentures. The duel ends when Hector realizes it's snack time at the retirement home and leaves.


  • Strawberry Appearance: At Flint and Hector's duel.


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