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The Happy Sardine is the 33rd episode of Season 2 in Cloudy: the series. It is the 85th episode overall.


When Flint's day at the beach goes sour, his dad encourages him to adopt a new 'Say Yes' attitude.


  The episode begins with all of the townsfolk enjoying a summer beach day. Earl, working as a lifeguard, announces about the Sandcastle Contest, in which whoever can impress the judge, will win a golden sandcastle trophy. Earl's judge for the contest is his baby son, Cal. Earl announces that the judging will begin in an hour, now showing Sam that she has been working on her own sandcastle. As she is confident on winning the contest, a beach ball is sent flying into the air, only for it to nearly miss the sand castle. Sam is relieved until Brent comes in and cannonballs into the sandcastle. Sam says that she worked hard on her sandcastle in which Brent replies that nobody works hard on beach days. Meanwhile, Flint is trying to mix some chemicals in a makeshift lab next to his dad's sardine-sicle stand. Tim calls to his son and says that its beach day, motioning that he should head out and have some fun. Flint is aware but wants to continue working in his lab. He gets fustrated due to the sand getting on his lab equipment. Tim sees his son droop in anger, he decides that his son should have an attitude adjustment. He then tells a small proverb that dad used to say: "The grumpy squid says no to each test, but the happy sardine dares to say yes"

  As he says this, he gets his son to take the role of the happy sardine, by trying out new activities and saying yes to new opportunities. After Flint agrees to adopt the new attitude, his dad asks him to take care of the sardine-sicle stand as he visits the bathroom. Though, before he goes, he warns Flint to not have any freebies. Flint then takes care of the stand, announcing the sardine-sicles to be a dollar. Mayor Shelbourne hears this and is excited to get his first sardine-sicle of the summer. He requests Gil, who is making a sandcastle for the competition, to get his a sardine-sicle for him, but Gil responds that he has no money. Mayor Shelbourne says that he doesn't need to pay for the sardine-sicle, since he is the mayor of the town. He decides to go to the stand himself, destroying Sam's sandcastle and replacing it with a sign that says to vote for him. Shelbourne visits the stand and orders a sardine-sicle with a 100% mayoral discount. Flint refutes his discount, saying he can't take it due to no freebies. The Mayor, shocked from this, questions if Flint knows who he is. Gil appears and shows a few figurines of the Mayor to remind Flint who he is. Shelbourne kicks his son, saying that he is embarrassing Flint with all of his achievements. Flint says he is not embarrassed and is still not giving him the sardine-sicle. Gil tries to get his dad to get some money, but Shelbourne refutes his idea and decides to scam Flint instead. Shelbourne offers a trade, in which he gets a sardine-sicle and Flint recieves a bucket of semi-fresh oysters.

  Flint, remembering what his dad told him, accepts the offer. Shelbourne happily takes the sardine-sicle, cackling maniacally. His son joins in but is quickly shut down by him. Shelbourne proceeds to return to his spot, licking the sardine-sicle he earned. His son begs for him to have a lick, but his dad purposefully eats the whole thing, telling his son that he should've asked sooner. Meanwhile, Tim returns from the bathroom and asks his son if he made any sales. Flint says he hasn't made any, but shows the bucket of oysters that he traded it for. Tim wretches at the oysters due to the smell and sends Flint back to his makeshift lab. Flint grabs an oyster from the bucket and wonders what he could do with it. He opens one up to find the oysters have pearls in them. Flint gets happy and realizes that his dad is right, good things do come to the happy sardine! Shelbourne watches the townsfolk through his binoculars. He sees the fishermen towel snapping each other, with Earl scolding them to not towel snap each other. He then looks at Flint, who is using the pearls from the oysters to make jewelery. Flint then gives the pearls to his assistant, Steve, who runs off with the jewelery. Shelbourne sees this and is appalled, seeing that the oysters have pearls in them. He runs to Flint and decides to do another trade offer, where he gets the oysters and Flint gets a worn-out tire. Flint agrees and takes the tire, while Shelbourne takes the bucket of oysters.

  Shelbourne makes Gil clear some space and organize the oyster pearls. Gil tries to get some open, but is sprayed instead, causing his allergies to act up. As Gil opens more and more, getting sprayed in each process, Shelbourne gets angrier that his son can't find any oysters. Seeing that none of the oysters have pearls in them, Shelbourne screams and stammers in anger, saying he wonders if the trade will get any worse. As he says that, Flint makes use of the tire and uses it to roll around the beach, having lots of fun. This angers Shelbourne even more. Earl, who is going around with Cal and judging the sandcastles, sees Flint rolling in the tire. Earl says to stop rolling around, but seeing how fun it looks, he cheers on for Flint rolling around the beach. Shelbourne demands that he gets the tire Flint has so he can have fun instead. Gil says he can visit the tire vault and get one for his dad, but instead, Shelbourne throws a hissy fit, destroying the sandcastle Gil made. Shelbourne states that he specifically wants the tire Flint is on. Sam watches from a distance, glad he got her sandcastle away from the tantruming mayor. Flint accidentally rolls into her sandcastle, destroying it. Shelbourne laughs at Sam while Sam calls Flint's name in dismay. Flint apologizes and sees Shelbourne with a crossing guard uniform, stopping his tire. Gil quickly breaks the 4th wall to advertise another figurine, this time of crossing guard Shelbourne. Shelbourne then gives Flint another trade offer, in which he takes Gil's bucket and shovel to trade for the tire. Flint agrees and gives Shelbourne the tire.

  Shelbourne happily gets in the tire and asks his son to push him so he can roll around. Gil does so, only to accidentally push him onto oncoming traffic. Flint walks around, saying that his dad was right and that he needed to get out and have fun. He says this as he accidentally steps on Sam's sandcastle, due to him having spray-on shoes. Sam says to Flint that he should feel the sand under his shoes somewhere else. Flint apologizes, but remembers the bucket and shovel he recieved, giving it to Sam so the two can make a better sandcastle. An injured Shelbourne questions why he decided to accept a 6-lane highway to be built so close to the beach. He then sees a huge sandcastle that Flint and Sam both made, appalled by it. Flint and Sam are confident on winning the contest, thanking the bucket for helping them out. Sam feels like the castle is missing something, in which Flint responds that it needs a flagpole. Shelbourne sees this as another trading opportunity, having the sardine-sicle stick from earlier. He demands that he trades the stick for the castle, and Flint agrees to it. Sam is surprised from Flint taking the offer. Shelbourne cackles as he has the large sandcastle, finally being able to get the trophy for himself. As the two celebrate early for having a successful sandcastle, Brent comes out and cannonballs onto the sandcastle, which Gil attempts to block with an umbrella. Shelbourne is horrified from the destruction of his new sandcastle, he looks at Flint and growls angrily.

  Flint summons Earl and Cal to judge a new sandcastle the two made, which is just a stick ground into the sandy beach. Flint calls it the Flatcastle. Cal is intrigued by it, climbing off of his dad and going to the stick to suck on it. Earl, seeing that it has a flagpole and that it pleases Cal, gives the trophy to Flint and Sam. As the two celebrate their win, Shelbourne and Gil watch, with Shelbourne twitching in anger. Flint questions on who would hate a beach day after having so much fun. Cut to Gil and Shelbourne, Shelbourne seethes with anger, yelling that he hates beach day. He runs off to the shore, throwing another tantrum as his son watches him run afar.