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The Girl Who Cried Meteor is the 42nd episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


When Sam predicts that a meteoroid will crash into Swallow Falls, she and Flint have to find a way to move the island out of its way.


At 7:00 am, Sam smells something "big" coming on the wind. She heads to her weather shed on the docks, and though nothing seems to be amiss, a large unknown object blots out a huge area of the screen.

Meanwhile, Flint and his dad are playing cards. When Flint says "Go Fish," Tim takes it literally and decides to go fishing. Sam bursts in, tells Tim the forecast is great weather for fishing, then tells Flint that she has calculated that a giant meteorite is about to hit Swallow Falls.

At 11:00 am, Sam and Flint tell the mayor the news, to which the mayor freaks out and calls a town meeting. At 12:00 noon, the mayor declares that in two hours, the meteorite will hit, and calls for volunteers to be his human shield. Sam instead suggests Flint invent a way to save the island.

Brent suggests moving the island, and Flint can't think of a better idea. At 1:00 pm, Flint tries towing the island with trained sardines, which instead breaks the dock. At 1:50, Flint rigs the island with explosives to skip it across the water out of the way of the meteorite.

The whole town watches the skies in anticipation, but nothing comes. Sam rushes back to her weather shed, only to discover that the "meteorite" was instead a meatball stuck to the screen. When she explains to Flint what happened, he identifies the meatball as one of his inventions meant for metallic spaghetti. To save her reputation, Sam implores Flint to invent a meteorite, and Flint obliges by launching a giant version of his magnetic meatball into space. Unfortunately, it collects space debris as it re-enters the atmosphere, veering off course and straight for Swallow Falls.

The townspeople don't believe Sam when she tells them they have to move the island again, until Tim arrives with a bucketful of sardines and insists that Sam's weather forecasts are correct and to trust her judgement. The townspeople move the island back under the "A" in "Atlantic" and Tim Lockwood is hailed as a hero. Flint then tells Sam she will need to work hard to regain their trust, as she regains her confidence. As the two leave the docks, a giant wave approaches the island as Flint tries to tell Sam.