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The Ballad of Johnny Sardine is the 6th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Swallow Falls prepares to celebrate the birthday of its oldest sardine, a wish-granting fish named Johnny, but Flint and Sam put the entire event in jeopardy.


Manny begins the episode with a short ditty about Johnny Sardine, a sardine that can grant wishes. Sam is skeptical that the sardine could be 50 years old - even considering wish-granting as a form of energy doesn't make sense. Flint and the townspeople believe in Johnny's power due to post-hoc fallacy, and Sam is won over when she wishes for an ice cream and immediately receives it.

Flint goes to make a wish but the coin hits Johnny on the head, killing him. Manny continues his ditty while Flint and Sam attempt (unsuccessfully) to revive the sardine. Flint wishes for Johnny to return back to normal, then are spooked by Earl and run off. While nobody is looking, the mayor flushes the fountain, replaces Johnny, and collects all the wishing coins.

Flint and Sam assume the authorities are onto them for the death of Johnny so set off on the run while Manny sings about their dilemma. They end up inside the cake for the anniversary parade, and Sam admits it's time they reveal the truth.

Upon finding the new, mustachioed sardine, Sam insists the sardine isn't Johnny, while Flint assumes his "revival" is due to the wish magic. Flint wishes Johnny a happy birthday and the episode ends with the fish being hit by a coin once again.


  • Rocket Johnson might be a reference to Dwayne Johnson, and Spruce Willis is a reference to Bruce Willis.
  • Tim Lockwood opens a fold-out of a sardine in a magazine, as a tongue-in-cheek reference to adult magazines.
    • The realistic fish head is also a reference to the Nickelodeon animated series SpongeBob Squarepants.


"Don't you see? Johnny Sardine isn't about facts, or truth, or even facial hair. He's about hope and wonder and believing something good can happen." --Flint Lockwood