That's Sal, Folks! is the 19th episode of Season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


In trying to keep Sam from moving away, Flint accidentally animates the town's sardine statue, and it begins spilling the townspeople's secrets.


  • Sal is gifted to Swallow Falls by a rival island Halibute Hills. It made from solid titanium and stands over 300 sardines or 15 heavy tuna or 1 giant octopus and a couple of swordfish tall.
  • Sal is a parody of statue of liberty.
  • The catchphrase from Brent commercial is not original.
  • Gil can't pee in public toilet.
  • Mayor Shelbourne is illegally elected.
  • Flint wears lady muse.
  • Sam glasses aren't prescription.
  • Almost Error: This episode contradicts with the first episode, Flint doesn't erase memory of knowing Sam, but turn Sam into a statue. However, that's because Flint takes advice from Tim.
  • Continuity: Sam's Peanut allergy was mentioned when Sal says Flint rescues her.
  • Fourth wall breaker: At the end of the episode when the screen's closing at Sal.

Inventions in this episode

  • Inflatable Anchor
  • Infinity Rope
  • Sneeze Spray
  • Statulizer

Memorable Quote

Mayor Shelbourne: That's tourist fish needs to shut its tourist trap. What did you two do to that monster?

Sam: Oh, Flint unstatulized him and he's not really a monster.

Flint: He's actually pretty friendly.

Mayor Shelbourne: Friendly? He's a spy. And, we all know it's a government job to spy on people.

Flint: government ?

Mayor Shelbourne: Not, giant fish statue.

Flint: He just keeps his fishy ear opens a lot when people talk.

Sam: Sound likes someone I know.

Flint: I turned my best friend into a statue one time.

Sam: One time is enough!


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