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Elementary pancake

The elementary school covered by a pancake

Swallow Falls Elementary was a schooling institution for Swallow Falls youth that Flint Lockwood attended prior to Cannery High. Like the rest of the town, it is a faded reminder of happier times, like the colorful mural of sardines encouraging kids to "stay in school" which has seen better days. It is a dreary, dull place of rules and schoolwork.


Flint Lockwood attended this elementary school in his youth, creating Spray-on Shoes as a school science project before being bullied and scorned for his idea by Brent McHale.

Fifteen years later, during the food storms created by the FLDSMDFR, a huge pancake falls on top of the school, topped with butter and syrup. After a look of shock, all the kids rejoice at the same time, exclaiming "NO SCHOOL!", much to the teacher's annoyance.


  • Their team's name is the Sardines.
  • It is based on the school that had to close down after unsuccessful attempts to remove the giant pancake that fell over it in the original book.