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Swallow Fails is the 24th episode of season 2 of Cloudy: the series. It is the 76th episode in the series overall.


Tired of being the butt of the world's jokes, Swallow Falls comes together to try to show how great their island really is.


When Swallow Falls is the butt of the joke on Jimmy Knight's late night show, Mayor Shelbourne calls an emergency town meeting. He unveils a new sign on a nearby hill and has Flint launch celebratory fireworks. Unfortunately, the fireworks hit the sign, destroying one L and spelling "Swallow Fails", which Sam then post on the internet, much to Shelbourne's dismay.

The video is a hit on Jimmy Knight's show, and the host decides to come to Swallow Falls to make fun of them in person. He immediately jokes about Mayor Shelbourne's height and Tim's monobrow, and jokes that nobody wants to visit the town.

An alien spacecraft descends from the sky and the alien chats with Jimmy Knight about why Swallow Falls is his go-to vacation spot. Gil wishes his dad was here to see the alien, but realizes he can't find the mayor anywhere in his mansion. Flint and Sam realize the alien is the mayor in disguise and are determined to make sure Jimmy Knight doesn't find out.

The ruse doesn't go well, but the whole town bands together to stand up for their town. As Knight tries to leave, he is pulled into Zorbleck's spaceship along with the alien panda from The Pandas Are Coming. Afterwards, the townsfolks sing how Swallow Falls was good enough, only for the sign to fall on top of most of them.


  • Jimmy Knight is a parody of Jimmy Fallon, down to the stage setup.
  • Werewolf Shelbourne makes a cameo in this episode.
  • Gil can play the piano.
  • The sign Shelbourne unveils is similar to the one in Hollywood.