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Super Spray-on Shoes are the ultimate weapon used to unlock the true ending in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs video game.


Every time the player finds all 30 Hydronic Foodpods in a level, a Blueprint piece is unlocked. Unlocking all Blueprint pieces will unlock Super Spray-on Shoes and allow the player to reach the true ending of the game.

True Ending[]

Armed with Super Spray-on Shoes, the player ventures back into the Meataroid. This time, Sam and Brent are not present and there are no environmental hazards like the first time facing the FLDSMDFR. There are still enemies and blockades around, but the Super Spray-on Shoes, like regular Spray-on Shoes, instantly eliminates any foes or food blockades. Super Spray-on Shoes have a much farther reach than Spray-on Shoes.

The FLDSMDFR only needs to be eliminated once. This time, a dramatic cutscene will play, and the player must navigate quickly through the mantle, subterrain, and crust while chili falls and blocks the path behind the player, forcing them forward at a rapid pace.

Successfully escaping unlocks a special ending where the FLDSMDFR is destroyed for good and Sam and Flint remain among the stars, "enjoying the view from above and eating a very large ice cream."