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Super Manny is a short film accompanying Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.


Manny walks into frame with shards of glass sticking out of his hat. After beckoning the camera to lower, he introduces himself and points out the shards of glass. He was able to capture the whole story using his 2D Surveillance Camera Flat n' Graphic.

It is the morning of April 30, Manny's day off. He awakens at 6:55 (in his cat-themed room) to a call from Sam Sparks, who needs him at the station in five minutes. Manny quickly gets dressed, grabs his camera, and starts the WNN van. Manny is a safe and reliable driver, following the speed limit, indicating his turns, and buckling his seatbelt.

On the road, a train passes by, filled with radioactive and poisonous materials. The track is out ahead, and Manny is shocked to find a cat atop the train. He uses his crane license to move a section of roller coaster track to prevent the train from derailing. The cat jumps off the train, following a butterfly, and lands on a truck filled with Stupidly Explosive Nitro driven by a distracted driver towards a Really Stupid Curve overlooking a Baby Bunny Rescue. He uses his qualifications as a licensed race car driver to catch up to the truck and pull the emergency brakes, saving the cat and the bunnies.

The cat leaps atop a hot air balloon for Udder Country Tours, and Manny uses his license as a wing walker to reach the cat, popping the balloon but rescuing the cat. Sam calls again to ask where Manny is, and he and the cat return to the ground.

Sam reports on the first bloom of spring. Manny agrees that it is a great day, before the van begins to roll towards a glass shard company with the cat on top.

Back in 3D, Manny insists no kitties were harmed in the making of the short, but the stunt kitty Cuddles "took one for the team."