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The Strawberries
Aliases Strawberry People
Food base Strawberry
Animal/lifeform base Humans
Habitat Foodimal Jungle

If you find yourself near a Berry, watch your step, they tend to jam fairly easily.

The Strawberries are one of the few sapient foods on the transformed Swallow Falls, and are more like simplistic sentient race rather than Foodimals, making them something more akin to "Food People". They are quite shy but friendly and have a very childish personality.

Strawberries have domesticated Bananostrich and have numerous predators such as Cheespiders, Tacodiles and Apple Pie-thons.


Strawberries basically resemble regular strawberries, albeit large in size and with big round eyes with green pupils and tiny mouths. Their leaves are quite long. They have small vine-like arms and leaf-like hands and feet. They're cute and plump.


Strawberries are friendly and social creatures with human-like qualities but have the behavior and intelligence of human children. They are quite prone to fear and when scared they will "excrete" strawberry jam from their rear ends. They live together in small groups in seclusion from Foodimals.

Strawberry Charades

A Strawberry family


  • The Strawberry Foodimals originally lived in a Strawberry Village - a tiki town replete with torches, grass skirts, and Flint-shaped Moai statues. This location was later changed to the Pickle Village.