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Stormwave and Thunderhawk is the 17th episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 69th episode in the series overall. It debuted 5 May 2018 on YTV before Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun.


When Sam decides she wants a cool nickname, she and Flint struggle to jump through the hoops required to earn it.


Flint calls Sam's name in the school hallways, only for multiple other students to answer instead of Sam Sparks. Sam laments that her name is boring and ordinary, and wants a cool nickname to set her apart. She comes up with the name Stormwave, and daydreams about her future as a meteorologist. Flint struggles to come up with a nickname for himself, calling himself by his first name instead.

Sam doodles superhero fantasies of her and Flint in class, which are confiscated by Earl. When Earl does roll call, Sam tries to assert her name as Stormwave, but Manny interjects and tells her that a nickname cannot be chosen but must be bestowed upon her by the Giver of Nicknames.

Manny leads Flint and Sam to the Giver of Nicknames, who turns out to be Steve. Steve bestows the name Thunderhawk on Flint, but calls Sam Itchy Bum. Sam pleads with Steve to give her a new nickname, and he gives her a series of unpleasant nicknames until Flint shows Steve two pictures of clouds. People mishear "Same" as "Sam," so Sam reluctantly agrees to simply be called by her name.


  • There are 5 other students named Sam.
  • A clip from the first movie appears in this episode.
  • The title card looks similar to the opening title of both movies.
  • Brent is nicknamed Meatstack, Gil is Soup Can, Mayor Shelbourne is Gum Nickle, Earl is Candy Bun, Manny is Pickle Pudding and Old Rick is Popcorn Chicken Bone.