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Steve's First Bath is an exclusive short in the Cloudy franchaise.


Steve's First Bath 01

Flint surprises Sam with a date at Pickle Garden. Disappointed, Sam asks if this was truly what Flint had planned for the most romantic date ever. Flint uses a 2D Memory Thought Translator on Steve to show the story of what happened.

Flint has everything planned for a romantic date: a telescope aimed at Sam's favorite constellation, a liquid nitrogen ice cream kit, Bunsen burner fondue, an instrument made of test tubes that plays Sam's favorite song, a weather balloon with Sam's face on it, and a laser light show. Everything is perfect except Steve, who is drinking curdled milk and scratching his rear end. The last time Flint tried to bathe Steve, his lab caught on fire, so Flint decides to invent a robot to bathe Steve for him.

Steve's First Bath Robot

The Super Simian Soaping Dirty Monkey Scrubbing Hygenifying Robot (SSSDMSHR) tries to lure Steve to the bath, but Steve eludes it until it dresses as a female monkey. Unfortunately the SSSDMSHR slips on a banana peel, crashing into the telescope. Steve plays in the cheese fondue, and during a sword fight with fondue tongs, the Bunsen burner tips over and lights the table on fire. One by one all of the items for the date with Sam are destroyed, until the SSSDMSHR finally corners and bathes Steve.

Flint brings a blindfolded Sam to his lab, but upon seeing the destruction in his lab decides to go to Pickle Garden instead.

Back in the present, Flint prays that Sam won't dump him. Sam thinks the date is the most romantic thing ever, before joking that dirty monkeys are super gross. The camera pans to Steve, who has made a mess of his spaghetti and meatballs.


  • Sam's favorite song is the song that plays when the Celebrationator is activated.
  • Pickle Garden is likely a reference to Olive Garden.