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Aliases Greg Heffley
Age 1
Gender Male
Species Monkey
Hair color Gray
Eye color Amber with a bit of Brown
Occupation Monkey
Family Flint Lockwood (owner)
First Appearance Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Voiced By Spike Sutton (TV series) Neil Patrick Harris (Films) Micah Barlow (TV shorts 2018)

Steve is the pet monkey and Flint's best friend. He also likes gummy bears.


He is for some reason obsessed with moustaches and tries to grab them whenever he saw one. He loves gummy bears as he mentions it in the first movie. His thoughts are translated by a monkey though translator, invented by Flint.


  • "GUMMI BEARS" - Steve yelling out his favorite food.
  • "Steve! Shrimpanzee! Steve! Shrimpanzee! Shove. Steve!" - Steve and Shrimpanzee fighting over the headband.
  • "Hi" - Steve. 
  • "Yellow" - Steve.
  • "Ape" - Steve to Barb.
  • "Touch, touch, touch, touch" - Steve.
  • "Steve!" - Steve.
  • "Woah!" - Steve.
  • "Celebrate!" - Steve.
  • "Spooky" - Steve.
  • "HUNGRY! Hungry! Gummi Bears! Gummi Bears!" - Steve.
  • "Helping" - Steve.
  • "Mustache" - Steve.
  • "I'm not a rock, I'm pufflu!" - Steve
  • "Hungry" - Steve, when making a banana sandwich.
  • "Lick. Lick. Lick. Lick." - Steve licking Sam Sparks' microphone.
  • "can" - Steve.
  • "Afraid" - Steve Before Going To The Grocery Deliverator.
  • "Banana! Banana! Banana! Ste-e-e-ve" -Steve When After Going To The Grocery Deliverator.
  • "Excited" - steve after the FLDSMDFR flew into the sky and raning food in swallow falls.



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