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Steve is Flint Lockwood's pet, best friend and most trusted colleague. He is a vervet[1] monkey equipped with Flint's Monkey Thought Translator, allowing him to comment on situations and help Flint brainstorm ideas. He also likes gummy bears. He is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris. He serves as one of the main protagonists.

He has full 'monkey attention deficit disorder,' with his eyes darting around.
— Animation Supervisor Pete Nash


Steve is a vervet monkey with brow and white fur and yellow eyes with brown irises. His long limbs give him expressive poses, but "he never portrays emotions, just instincts."[2] The more intelligent a character, the more complex the eye movement - but Steve's eyes stay centered, as he often turns his head to look around.[3]


Steve is a wild animal, impulsively relying on instinct. He is spontaneous and erratic, and his thoughts, revealed through the Monkey Thought Translator, are as erratic as his behavior. He is obsessed with moustaches and tries to grab them whenever he sees one.[4] His favorite food is gummy bears, but he viciously tears them apart before eating them. Steve often pursues sensory-seeking behaviors, often seeking out stimulation such as being zapped by a Happy Clappy Monkey toy.[5]

Flint interprets Steve's commentary as more intellectual than it actually is, providing him a sounding board to brainstorm ideas aloud to, which gives the audience the benefit of being able to see Flint's thought process as he explains his inventions to his lab partner.


Early Life[]

Not much is known about how Flint and Steve first met besides that they met on a Tuesday when Flint shared gummi bears with Steve.[6]

Steve is first seen in Tim's Bait and Tackle shop during a test of Flint's Monkey Thought Translator invention, which functions correctly. Steve, who exclaims his hunger, begins to demolish the store out of starvation and eventually tears off Tim Lockwood's mustache.[4]

Steve lives with Flint, assisting him with his inventing endeavors (mainly as moral support).

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs[]

Steve assists Flint with the final preparations of the FLDSMDFR, responding to Flint asking if he can count on Steve's help by holding up a sardine can, which Flint interprets as an affirmative (he "can" count on Steve's help). When Flint overloads the power grid to his house, Steve hops on Tim Lockwood's shoulder and sneakily tries to grab his mustache.

Steve also helps Flint sneak to the power plant, dropping off Flint's shoulder and waiting while Flint climbs the precarious structures. He then joins Flint at the docks, providing his friend with companionship after the FLDSMDFR went haywire and destroyed Sardine Land. Sam Sparks, after accidentally kicking Flint in the face, sees Steve's Monkey Thought Translator and realizes Flint's invention is the same "rocket" that humiliated her on national television.

When burgers start to rain from the sky, Steve's Monkey Thought Translator shows that he was thinking of a dramatic gasp while dramatically gasping.

Flint takes Sam and her cameraman Manny to Flint's lab to see how to order food. When Flint asks for suggestions for breakfast, Steve suggests gummy bears, which Flint immediately shuts down, saying "we both know how you get around gummy bears."

Steve sits in the passenger seat during Flint's unveiling of the Outtasighter. He also continues to request gummi bears, which Flint declines. When Flint makes it rain ice cream for Cal Devereaux's birthday, Sam uses Steve as an example to encourage Flint to join Cal in a snowball fight. "Look, even Steve is throwing chocolate snowballs!"

Steve helped Flint practice asking Sam out on a date, wearing a wig so Flint could role-play a dinner date. After successfully inviting Sam to the forest, Flint leaves Steve in charge of the lab to watch the Dange-o-meter. Steve responds "Steve!" and shoves an ice cream cone onto his head.

Steve remains in the lab while Flint treats his dad to a steak dinner to share the news about cutting the ribbon at Chewandswallow's unveiling ceremony. However, the mayor snuck into the lab while Flint was gone, and in an effort to manipulate Flint into continuing to use the FLDSMDFR despite the food's rapid mutation, tosses Steve aside.

Steve appears at the unveiling ceremony once the weather turns sour. Upon reaching the lab, he requests more gummi bears despite the food storm raging around them. When Flint confronts the mayor about cancelling the order of a Vegas-style all you can eat buffet, Steve helps by tossing food around on the floor.

Flint briefly falls into despair before his father returns his lab coat and inspires him to fix his mistakes. Flint calls for Steve, who was rummaging in a nearby garbage can, and tells him "we've got diem to carpe." Steve helps Flint build the Flying Car II by shouting "Helping!" and banging a spoon against a metal bucket.

While Flint explains his plan to turn off the FLDSMDFR to the townspeople, Steve gnaws on the seats of the Flying Car. He joins Flint and Sam in laughing at Manny's jokes before the group, also joined by former town mascot Brent, fly into the sky towards the FLDSMDFR.

Steve tries to spray Spray-on Shoes into his mouth, but Flint stops him and hides the can in his lab coat. While Flint, now inadvertently armed with the ultimate cause of the FLDSMDFR's destruction, heads into the Meat-a-roid with Sam and Brent, Steve stays in the car with Manny.

The car is attacked by sentient gummy bears, which Steve would later defeat. Despite his assistance, the car is too badly damaged to return to the blowhole, and Brent has to leap onto the hood with Sam slung over his back.

When Sam indicates that Flint had died during the mission, Steve was completely speechless, simply slumped on the ground, staring sadly. However, when Flint returned, he greeted his old friend with an enthusiastic "Steve!"

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2[]

Steve offers his contribution to Sparkswood by marking the page with a "brown crayon." He accompanies Flint to San Franjose and continues to work as his lab partner at Live Corp. He spits out the coffee, exclaiming it's "hot," which another employee interprets as a catcall. Flint trains Steve to trigger the Celebrationator when Flint says the word "Celebrate," which goes awry when Steve sets off the invention in the middle of the vesting ceremony and humiliates Flint in front of his hero, Chester V.

While Flint wallowed in self-pity from the humiliation, Steve tries to put out the "endless candle" atop Tim and Sam's vest-shaped cakes, freaking out whenever the flame would re-light and eats the candle, setting his tail on fire. Screeching in panic, he struggles to extinguish the flame and manages to blow it out. Steve accompanies Flint to Chester V's office, then later joined Flint when he explains the situation to Sam. He tags along with the rest of the gang when they recruit the rest of their old friends.

At the docks, Flint misinterprets Steve being "hungry" for a banana with being "hungry for adventure" and volunteers him to test the Grocery Deliverator as a means of transport to the island. The invention spits Steve back out on the docks, electrocuted and manic from the experience. Upon arriving at the island, Steve joins the rest of the team in pointing out the absurd food puns. He even comes face to face with a Shrimpanzee, and the two of them have a brief quarrel over the Monkey Thought Translator before Steve steals it back and pushes the foodimal into the river.

Steve continues to narrate the experience, not doing much besides accompanying Flint and the gang, until Sam confronts Flint about ignoring his friends' advice. Steve joins Manny instead of Flint, to which Flint mutters "et tu, Steve?"

After being captured by Thinkquanauts, Brent tries to brainstorm a plan with Steve. Earl points out that Steve is just a monkey, to which Barb agrees. "No one should ever put any trust in a monkey." Sam points out that Chester calls Barb a monkey, and Barb realizes that Chester had not been respecting Barb or treating her as a friend.

When Chester ties up Sam and the gang with yellow police tape, Sam and Flint use Steve's training to their advantage, telling him to "celebrate." Steve breaks free and triggers the Celebrationator, which reveals the real Chester V among his holograms, allowing Flint to rescue his friends.

After the FLDSMDFR is restored, Barb asks Steve out to lunch, which Steve responds to with "dinner," since he was attempting to build a sandwich with a banana and two slices of bread.

Video Game[]

Steve can be played as an optional second character in the video game. He controls exactly the same as Flint, with the only difference being the camera remains centered on Flint, and Steve teleports to Flint's location if he is off-screen for too long. On the PC version of the game, he can be controlled using the number pad.


  • He was originally named Bonkers (though this is unrelated to the monkey of the same name from the Kirby franchise).[3]


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