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Squirrels Just Wanna Have Fun is the 18th episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 70th episode in the series overall. It debuted 5 May 2018 after Stormwave and Thunderhawk and before Sardine: The Movie.


Brent offers to rid Flint's lab of a squirrel infestation.


Flint tries to test his latest invention, but an overload of nuts and strange noises distract him and mess up his latest rocket. Sam tells him that a squirrel has made its home in his lab, and tells him to find a non-violent way to get rid of it.

After multiple failed attempts to lure the squirrels out of his lab, Flint brings in Manny, who speaks to the squirrels and reveals that more have moved in and they plan to stay. When Brent finds out that Flint has a comfy couch and multiple TVs, he offers to get rid of the squirrels if Flint shares his space with Brent.

Brent instead invites all his friends and throws a raucous party. Brent eventually sets off the volatile rocket, and everyone flees. Flint decides that since the first squirrel was a better roommate than Brent, that it could stay.


  • Flint Lockwood Copy Closet from Penguipocalypse is seen in this episode
  • The title is a play of the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.


"So, this is how fish feel. It's not bad, I mean, it's like a hammock, only with no way of escaping so you might as well sleep because there's nowhere to go." --Tim Lockwood, after being caught in Flint's fishing net trap