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Spray-On Shoes were the first of Flint Lockwood's inventions seen in the Cloudy franchise. They are made of an elastic biopolymer adhesive which are applied to bare feet using an aerosol spray can. The main downside, which Brent was quick to point out, is that once applied, Spray-on Shoes are impossible to remove. However, due to their elastic nature, they are able to grow with Flint's feet as he got older.

The Films[]

Spray-on Shoes are integral to the plot of the first film, as they are the invention that stops the FLDSMDFR once and for all by applying a coat of the substance to the FLDSMDFR's "chow plopper" and gumming up the machine, causing it to pressurize and explode. During the post-credits scene, it is shown that Spray-on Shoes can be repurposed into spray-on roofing sealant.

In the second film, Spray-on Shoes make a cameo appearance during Flint's confrontation with Chester V, but are ultimately never used.

The Games[]

Spray-on Shoes are a weapon used in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs video game to defeat the FLDSMDFR. When using this weapon, Flint stands still and sprays a mist of color-changing fumes a short distance in front of him. While Flint cannot move while using Spray-on Shoes, the spray will instantly eliminate any food mosnters within range. Spray-on Shoes will also spawn clown shoes from the spray, which rest on the ground in front of Flint for a few moments before disappearing.

After defeating the FLDSMDFR the first time, Flint prompts the player to collect blueprints to unlock the ultimate weapon: Super Spray-on Shoes, which have a farther range, a faster animation, and are used to eliminate the FLDSMDFR once and for all and unlock the true ending of the game.


  • The design of the Spray-on Shoes can label was created by Visual Development Artist Dean Gordon's seven-year-old son Jack.
  • Flint's shoes often squeak when he walks.
  • It's implied that the Spray-on Shoes don't last forever, as Flint applied the first pair on when he was in elementary school, but they're gone by the time Flint goes to Live Corp until Flint sprays on another pair.
  • although it takes years to fall apart it'd be fair to assume that they stopped his toenails from growing