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Spoiler Orb is the 9th episode of season 1 of cloudy: the series.


Flint modifies Sam's weather-predicting orb to predict the future, but knowing their future isn't as fun as they thought it would be.



Mayor Shelbourne heads to the dock to suntan with sardine oil when Sam shows up with the Doppler Orb Two Hundo, which predicts scattered rain showers. Flint sneaks up with his Pillow Shoes before declaring them useless and kicking them into the sea. It forecasts lightning and meteors, which both hit an unsuspecting Brent, while Flint proposes to adjust the orb so that it could predict the future.

Spoiler Orb school

Back at the lab, Flint unveils the Doppler Three Milli (the number that comes after Two Hundo) and it immediately issues and ominous warning that the future is best unknown. Flint and Sam heed the warning, and the first thing the Doppler Three Milli predicts is the color of boats passing the docks. It predicts the number of sardines in a jar at a carnival game and predicts the answers to a pop quiz, but also predicts the cards in each friend's hand during a card game, taking the fun out of the game.

Cloudy reference laughing

The orb begins to predict the futures of other townspeople, revealing birthday gifts, predicting a newlywed couple wouldn't last a week, and spoiling the end of the finale of "My Boyfriend's a Frankenwolf." Flint and Sam decide to turn the orb off, but before it explodes, it predicts "at 6pm tomorrow, you will meet your doom!" They can't figure out which one the orb was referring to, so they both assume it's their last day together and spend a day doing their favorite things.

Sam and Flint sit at the dock to say their goodbyes, but Old Rick pushes past them and falls into the sea, declaring that he's met his doom. It's revealed that when the orb gave its last prediction, Rick was rummaging through the trash behind Flint and Sam.


  • Fourth Wall Breaker: The book that Sam reads is a reference to the first cloudy with a chance of meatballs movie which has giant food fall from the sky.


"It's always good to have the option to blow something up." --Flint Lockwood

"Bye, Dad! See you in either 10 minutes or never again!" --Flint Lockwood