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Sparkswood is both the home and laboratory of Flint Lockwood and Sam Sparks. It is a three-story building which contains "cool weather forecasting devices" and is used to invent fantastic machines.


Sparkswood was first ideated in Swallow Falls 8 minutes after the defeat of the FLDSMDFR. Though primarily a joint venture between Flint and Sam, Tim Lockwood pledged to join them as Flint's dad, Brent McHale volunteered to be the mascot, Earl Devereaux offered to be the lab's security, and Manny offered various help and support.

The lab was built after the defeat of Chester V, with the help of the Foodimals. In addition to the originally-planned residents, the gang was joined by Barb, who continued to work as a scientist. Some intelligent species of Foodimals, such as Pickles, developed skills as scientists and assisted in research at the lab.


  • Sparkswood contains an office space for Flint and Sam, a laboratory with a People Jar, and a chemistry lab.
  • The lab is powered, in part or fully, by solar panels on the roof.
  • Though never confirmed, the dome-shaped third floor bears enough of a resemblance to Flint's Lab that it's highly likely the original lab was repurposed for use in the new building.