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Spacy Race is the 33th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series

Follows Earl of My Dreams, precedes Tim and Jim.


Flint builds a spaceship for an Australian businessman, Mr. Zorbleck, who may or may not actually be Australian.


Mayor Shelbourne announces the creation of Swallow Falls's Space Program, with funding from Howard Zorbleck. The mayor appoints his father, Hector, to head the space program and get Zorbleck into space. When Hector's rocket fails, the mayor orders Flint to build a rocket within 10 minutes.

Flint returns home to a completed rocket and Sam convinces him to send Steve into space to test it. Brent arrives in full astronaut garb and volunteers. Using Earl's strength and Flint's robot arm, they launch Brent into space before realizing the rocket has no way of returning. Flint asks his dad where his other rocket is.

After the first disastrous launch, Zorbleck refuses to go into space alone, so the Mayor picks the two most "disposable" members of the town - Flint and Sam. In space, Zorbleck reveals he isn't from Australia and is instead from a planet called Outlandius 9. Flint and Sam overwhelm Zorbleck with questions about his race, including how he reached Swallow Falls. It turns out he was thrown down the garbage chute of a galactic starcruiser by his coworker Zorbleen. Since he works as a dishwasher, he doesn't know how to build a spaceship, so he made a fortune for himself so he could pay someone else to do it.

Zorbleck tells them the trip to his planet is one-way, and Sam and Flint are excited to begin their new life in space until Zorbleck reveals there's no Internet in space. Sam and Flint eject and are picked up by Brent, who had befriended a scorpion-like alien Brent who helps them return to Earth.