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Spa Daze is the 36th episode of Season 2 in Cloudy: the series. It is the 88th episode overall.


Hector tricks Flint into helping him win a spot on the Shelbourne Walk of Fame, endangering the whole town in the process.


During Sam's broadcast, Mayor Shelbourne reveals the Shelbourne Walk of Success and explains that his face is the only face featured because his only real competition is his dad, Hector. Flint offers to help Hector with a new project to help the people and earn Hector a space on the Walk of Success. Flint designs an invention that gives everyone a relaxing spa day, but Hector can't resist adding his own evil touches to the machine.

When Hector activates the invention, it uses lasers to destroy the town. Sam throws a rock at the wayward invention, and it crashes to the ground - where it inadvertently turns the whole town into a spa. Even the mayor is impressed, since he can turn a profit with a new spa tax.

Brent demands Hector turn the heat of the water up, and Hector obliges, to the point that even Norm begins to turn lobster red. Sam compares the situation to that of a Bavarian tree slug - if you drop the slug in hot water, it will jump out, but if you put the slug in lukewarm water and heat it slowly, it will stay in the pot until it cooks. Flint intervenes and freezes the water, turning the roads into ice skating rinks instead of hot tubs.

In all the chaos, Gil wins the vote with his invention of Ear Mittens.