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Sonny With a Chance of Disappointment is the 6th episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 58th episode in the series overall. It followed Dance Fish Move Dance, both premiered on YTV on 14 April 2018.


When Flint totals Tim's boat, he uses a ray to make his dad forget about the crash.


Flint's latest invention backfires again, wrecking the boat he and his dad planned to use to go fishing. Tim tells Flint he is not angry, but disappointed. Devastated by the disappointment, Flint decides to invent a Memory Eraser to erase his dad's memory of the problem.

Unfortunately, the invention works too well, and Tim forgets he has a son. Sam, trying to fashion a conch shell into a horn that can reverse the direction of clouds, gives Flint the idea to reverse the polarity of his invention. When he tries to zap his dad with the reversed version of his invention, Earl blocks the beam and is hit instead, gaining all of Tim's lost memories. The same happens with Mayor Shelbourne, Sam, and the rest of the townspeople due to Flint's bad aim.

Flint cowers to hide from all his new disappointed fathers, and Tim sees him. He tells Flint that despite facing so much disappointment from others, he still persevered, and that if Flint was his son, he'd be proud of him, even offering to be a test subject for Flint's invention.

The Memory Eraser runs out of battery, but when Flint curses his "stupid dumb invention that never works," Tim regains his memories.


  • The phrase "reverse the polarity" was popularized by the Third Doctor in the show Doctor Who.[1]
  • Tim's photos in his wallet include the title sequence of the show and the Pamper Bot from Mr. Stressup