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Something Fishy is the 13th episode Cloudy: the series season 2. It is the 65th episode in the series overall. It debuted 28 April 2018 before Out to FLUNCH


While trying out an invention to help his dad learn to swim, Flint accidentally turns Tim into a fish.


Flint and his dad watch their favorite show, Dr. Fish, PhD. Before the episode starts, Tim excuses himself with a series of awkward and unconvincing excuses. Flint follows his dad to the local pool where he learns his dad can't swim.

Something Fishy Tim Swim

Tim reluctantly asks Flint to invent something to help him swim, so after several hours of gasping dramatically, he invents the Flint Lockwood Swimming Enhancer Ray (FLSER). The invention turns Tim into a talking fish, and Tim enjoys his newfound swimming ability. He decides he likes being a fish despite being unable to breathe air and only having a preference for fish flakes.

In the end, Flint shows him that they can no longer watch Dr. Fish, PhD. The one thing that brought the two of them together they couldn't do now Tim is a fish. Just as Flint is about to turn Tim back, he slips and accidentally sends Tim down the toilet. Flint and Sam track Tim to the docks, and despite Flint's terrible aim, he is able to hit Tim with his invention's ray and turn him back into a human. Flint realizes that his human dad can't swim, but Tim remembers his time as a fish and swims gracefully to shore. However, Flint's terrible aim meant he hit a multitude of sea creatures, which all turned into humans.


  • Flint gives Sam the ringer because she is an expert in throwing horseshoes. A continuity from She's a Shoe-In



Tim: Are you sure this is going to work?

Flint: When does it not?

Tim: Well, almost every episode. ...........