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So I Married a Watermelon is the 45th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint tries to get his father to eat healthier by inventing a spray to make Tim love fruits and vegetables.


Tim Lockwood is eating deep-fried sardines in front of the TV when Flint implores him to try and eat healthier to take care of his heart. He shows his dad a cartoon and puts on a puppet show while his dad grills, but nothing convinces Tim to eat healthier.

Sam and Flint decide to sneakily use one of Flint's inventions on Tim to force him to like fruit. At first, it appears to work, as Tim comes home from the store with a watermelon. But he still serves Flint and Sam deep-fried food for dinner. When Flint asks if he loves fruit, Tim replies that he loves "Betsy," the watermelon.

When Tim takes his watermelon to the movies, Brent makes fun of him. In defense of his dad, Flint sprays Brent with his invention, causing Brent to fall in love with a mango. When the Mayor makes fun of Tim for singing a sea shanty to the watermelon, Flint sprays him and makes him fall in love with a papaya.

Tim proposes, and just as Tim is about to marry the watermelon, Flint objects, telling Tim he can't marry the fruit. Tim admits that he never actually fell in love with the watermelon and was simply pranking Flint (and that the mayor was in on the prank).

In the end, Tim gains a new appreciation for watermelon and takes better care of his heart.


"Cartoons are weird." --Tim Lockwood