Food Base Shrimp
Animal/Lifeform Base Chimpanzees
Diet Omnivore
Habitat Food Animal Jungle
Named By Brent McHale and Manny

Shrimpanzees are a combination of shrimps with a chimpanzee-like form, abilities and behavior. They are one of the many Food Animals in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.


A Shrimpanzee resembles three shrimps put together to form a chimpanzee-like form, with one big shrimp as a body and two smaller shrimps for arms. The tail fins at the end of the shrimp arms acts as hands and the one on the main body acts as a single foot which it hops around with when not swinging on vines. Its head is the "puffed" out meat of the shrimp. It has small black beady eyes, two nostrils, and a mouth.


They swing, behave, and live in large troops like chimpanzees, inhabiting the treetops of the Food Animal Jungle. Like all apes, Shrimpanzees are able to learn and mimic certain things that interest them like Steve. Ironically, they can't swim.



  • Due to the fact they are made of shrimps, they may be classified as "Crustaceans" or maybe humorously "Sea-Monkeys". Unfortunately, they can't swim like shrimps as Steve pushed one into a river after it stole his Monkey-Thought-Translator.
  • During the part in the ship building scene where Tim's Boat and Son's is launched, three can be seen standing on the railing saluting, somewhat in reference to naval sailors, especially with the splitting image of the old striped uniforms of the 20th-century.
  • Shrimpanzees are the only Foodimals that parody two animals, as it was made from shrimp.
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