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She's a Shoe-In is the 48th episode of season 1 of Cloudy: the series.


Flint asks Sam to play as him for the annual father/son horseshoe contest, which uncovers Sam's troubled past with the sport.


Mayor Shelbourne arrives at Tim's Bait and Tackle to challenge him to the annual father/son horseshoe contest, stipulating that the loser would wear a costume resembling the back end of a horse to the town barbecue. Flint, who is notoriously bad at horseshoe tossing, practices in the backyard with the help of several inventions.

Horseshoe Toss Thor

Sam shows Flint that she is a natural at horseshoe tossing, and Flint insists she take his place at the contest. Sam tells Flint that she can never throw horseshoes again. As a kid, she was just as passionate about horseshoes as about weather, until an old man forced her to choose between being a competitive horseshoe thrower or watching the sky. Sam realized she missed a comet she had wanted to see, and vowed never to throw horseshoes again. Flint tells her that she can do both: help her friend Flint with the horseshoe contest and see the MacGuffin comet.

Tim substitutes Flint for Sam in the contest while the Mayor substitutes Gil with a man named Thor.

Time runs out, and Sam is forced to choose between seeing the comet and finishing the contest. She chooses friendship, but Flint insists he finishes the contest himself so Sam can see the comet. Flint loses the contest, but seeing Flint do the right thing brings a smile to Tim's face.

Old Flint and Sam

Sam invites Flint to see the comet again when it comes around 50 years later, then the show jumps forward to show Flint and Sam in their 60s watching the comet together.


  • Flint was shown to be bald at the end of the episode in continuity with Hair We Go Again.
  • The comet is named after the popular MacGuffin plot device.